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T Engg 1
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Question 1 : Thermal conductivity is expressed as
Option-1 :w/m^2^0 k
Option-2 :w/m^0 k
Option-3 :J/m^2 o k
Option-4 :N-m/m^0 k
Question 2 : Tick mark the correct statement .
Option-1 :Intensive properties are dependent on mass of the system.
Option-2 :Extensive properties are independent of the mass.
Option-3 :Intensive properties are independent of the mass
Option-4 :Temperature & pressure are Extensive properties.
Question 3 : The heat transfer from higher temperature to lower temperature takes place
Option-1 :accodding to 1st law of thermodynamics
Option-2 :according to 2nd law of thermodynamics
Option-3 :according to zeroth law of thermodynamics
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 4 : Heat transfer by conduction follows
Option-1 :stefans law
Option-2 :1st law of thermodynamics
Option-3 :fouriors law
Option-4 :newtons law
Question 5 : The fouriers law of heat transfer by conduction is expressed as
Option-1 :Q = KA dx/dt
Option-2 :Q = -KA dx/dt
Option-3 :Q = - KA dt/dx
Option-4 :Q = KA dt/dx
Question 6 : Which of the following as reffered to steam boiler are defined as mountings
Option-1 :super heater
Option-2 :economiser
Option-3 :pre heater
Option-4 :fussible plug
Question 7 : Component of boiler installation to recover the heat of exhaust gases to heat the incoming air is called
Option-1 :super heater
Option-2 : chimney
Option-3 :economiser
Option-4 :air pre heater
Question 8 : Which of the following fitting in boiler is to regulate the flow of water
Option-1 :feed check valve
Option-2 :blow off cock
Option-3 :safety valve
Option-4 :blow off cock
Question 9 : Select the wrong statement
Option-1 :In an impulse turbine,sterm expands wholly in the nozzle.
Option-2 :The action of sterm in a sterm turbine is dyanamic.
Option-3 :De-level turbine is a simple reaction turbine
Option-4 :The efficiency of a sterm turbine is higher than that of sterm engine.
Question 10 : The steam consumption is case of steam turbines as compared to reciprocating sterm engine is
Option-1 :more
Option-2 :same
Option-3 : less
Option-4 :can be more or less.
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