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Question 1 : The process which takes place below recrystallization temperature is know as
Option-1 :hot working process
Option-2 :cold working process
Option-3 :casting
Option-4 :grinding
Question 2 : Hot working process takes place
Option-1 :at recrystallization temperature.
Option-2 :below recrystallization temperature
Option-3 :above recrystallization temperature.
Option-4 :none of the above.
Question 3 : The recrystallization temperature of steel is
Option-1 :800degree C
Option-2 :400degree C
Option-3 :200degree C
Option-4 :room temperature
Question 4 : Green strength is
Option-1 :Strength of unsintered components
Option-2 :strength of sintered components
Option-3 :strength of raw metals
Option-4 :difference is strength of sintered and unsintered powder.
Question 5 : Wastage in powder metallurgy is
Option-1 :higher
Option-2 :moderate
Option-3 :negligible
Option-4 :no wastage
Question 6 : Product produced by powder metallurgy have poor
Option-1 :ductility
Option-2 :brittleness
Option-3 :tensile strength
Option-4 :hardness
Question 7 : The graphite dies can withstand
Option-1 :below 1000 degree C
Option-2 :above 1000 degree C
Option-3 :between 1800-1900
Option-4 :none of above
Question 8 : A lot of heat is generated between the cutting tools and work piece during the process of grinding.The heat is distibuted.
Option-1 :Equally between work piece and grinding wheel .
Option-2 :More in work piece and less in grinding wheel
Option-3 :less in work piece and more in grinding wheel
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 9 : The crack which are developed due to generation of heat in the grinding wheel are
Option-1 :In the direction of grinding marks
Option-2 :inclined to the direction of grinding marks
Option-3 :pependicular to the direction of grinding marks
Option-4 :none of the above.
Question 10 : If an electric current is passed through the metal to be joined and heated to the plastic state and then weld is completed by the application of pressure the welding is know as
Option-1 :forge welding
Option-2 :electrical arc welding
Option-3 :resistance welding
Option-4 :thermit welding with pressure
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