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Question 1 : Any expenditure which tends to improve existing assets so as to increase their earning capacity by increasing production is called
Option-1 :Revenue expenditure
Option-2 :capital expenditure
Option-3 :none of the above
Question 2 : Income tan paid by the bisnessw is defited to
Option-1 :profit &loss a/c
Option-2 :capital a/c of the trader
Option-3 :drawings a/c
Question 3 : When a transaction is incorrectly recorded in the books of account , it is called
Option-1 :error of ommission
Option-2 :error of commission
Option-3 :either of theses
Question 4 : When a transaction is recorded without having regard to the fundamental principales of accounting , it is called
Option-1 :error of ommission
Option-2 :error of ommission
Option-3 :error of principal
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 5 : Errors which affect two accounts simultaneously and are rectified by means of journal entries are calloed
Option-1 :one sided error
Option-2 :two sided error
Option-3 :none of these
Question 6 : Receipt of life membership fees by a club is shown on
Option-1 :lialility side of balances sheet
Option-2 :Asset side of balance sheet
Option-3 :credit side of cash book.
Question 7 : Expenditure that is of a revenue nature but its benifit is likely to be derived over a member of years in called
Option-1 :Revenue expenditure
Option-2 :capital expenditure
Option-3 :deferred revenue expenditure
Question 8 : Account that is prepared to find out the cost of production of the goods manufactured is called
Option-1 :Tradinga/c
Option-2 :manufacturing a/c
Option-3 :profit &loss a/c
Question 9 : lialilities which are not actual but may become so on the happeni9ng of a certain event is called
Option-1 :fixed lialility
Option-2 :current lialility
Option-3 :contingent lialility
Question 10 : Assets which do not have any physical existence but which help in earning income are called
Option-1 :Tangiable amet
Option-2 :ficticion amet
Option-3 :Intangiable amet
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