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Department of Hotel Reception and Book Keeping
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Question 1 : Each customer's personal account is debited directly with the help of vouchers known as_
Option-1 :cheques
Option-2 :chicks
Option-3 :picks
Option-4 :checks
Question 2 : In which ledger there are too many columns
Option-1 :city ledger
Option-2 :guests weekly bills
Option-3 :trade ledger
Option-4 :visitors tabular ledger
Question 3 : The bill that has the provision for recording the chrages and deposits for a week is
Option-1 :Bill folio
Option-2 :master bill
Option-3 :Guests weekly bill
Option-4 :weekly folio
Question 4 : Which machine is used for posting or recording different types of accounts
Option-1 :NNR
Option-2 :NPR
Option-3 :NNN
Option-4 :NCR
Question 5 : Which key in NCR machine is sued for printing the names of dept?
Option-1 :total key
Option-2 :miscellaneous key
Option-3 :control keys
Option-4 :Plus and minus key
Question 6 : In hotels where NCR is used, the customers bills are kept in the form of
Option-1 :paper
Option-2 :card
Option-3 :book
Option-4 :register
Question 7 : The guests account is opened in the card in
Option-1 :Duplicate
Option-2 :single sheet
Option-3 :double sheet
Option-4 :triplicate
Question 8 : who prepares recapitulation sheets of every departmental sale?
Option-1 :receptionist
Option-2 :chasier
Option-3 :right auditor
Option-4 :duty manager
Question 9 : For verification the machine balances are to be recorded on the machine______ card
Option-1 :statement card
Option-2 :bin card
Option-3 :DND card
Option-4 :A card
Question 10 : How is VTL maintained
Option-1 :maintained in register
Option-2 :maintained in cupboard
Option-3 :maintained in loose sheet
Option-4 :maintained in stock register
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