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Department of Hotel Reception and Book Keeping
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Question 1 : Office provide the necessary information and knowledge for-
Option-1 :Relations
Option-2 :Controlling
Option-3 :Coordination
Option-4 :Plans
Question 2 : Office is also responsible for operating employee benefit schemes like -
Option-1 :Pension and provident and fund schemes
Option-2 :Pension and retirement
Option-3 :Cash balance
Option-4 :Promotions
Question 3 : The process by which activities or functions of the enterprises are grouped homogeneously into different groups are called-------------
Option-1 :Departmentastion
Option-2 :Cooperate
Option-3 :Socialism
Option-4 :Economically
Question 4 : Accounting can be divided into two posts -----------financial?
Option-1 :Money
Option-2 :Cost
Option-3 :Business
Option-4 :Personnal
Question 5 : In controlling output, the first and most important consideration is to handle work.Who gave this words?
Option-1 :Leffingwell
Option-2 :Flemming
Option-3 : Rascal metal
Option-4 :Mendeling
Question 6 : "HMT" Defined as----------
Option-1 :Hemkund media technology
Option-2 : Hindustan machine tools
Option-3 :Himalaya maintainance terminate
Option-4 : Hot -Mail--Term.
Question 7 : Whether an individual is legally permitted to take an action or not . this sentence is defined for the which authority?
Option-1 :Legal authority
Option-2 : Law authority
Option-3 : Client authority
Option-4 : Lawyer authorithy
Question 8 : The accountability has been defined by the standard oil company of----------
Option-1 :New zealand
Option-2 :Ammerica
Option-3 : California
Option-4 : Switzerland
Question 9 : The ability to get result through others". who talls about it?
Option-1 :Denyer
Option-2 : Louis A.Allen
Option-3 :Mendeleaf
Option-4 :Rutherfored
Question 10 : The art of careful decoration of the interior of a room or a byuilding is called-------
Option-1 :Enter decoration
Option-2 :Interior decoration
Option-3 :Flower decoratuion
Option-4 :Hobby area
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