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Question 1 : which of the following maaterial is used in solar cells
Option-1 :silicon
Option-2 :barium
Option-3 :selenium
Option-4 :silver
Question 2 : for dry cells having Emf 1.5,1.3,1.35,1.40,volts and resostance 0.3,0.4,0.2,0.1 ohm are connected in series to operate a relay having a resistance of 10 ohm .the relay current is
Option-1 :0.13
Option-2 :1.34
Option-3 :0.486
Option-4 :4.86
Question 3 : the term trickle charege is associated with
Option-1 :dry cell
Option-2 :silver zinc cells
Option-3 :lead acid cells
Option-4 :nickel iron cells
Question 4 : when two resistances are connected in series they have
Option-1 :sam resistance value
Option-2 :same voltage across them
Option-3 :different resistance values
Option-4 :same current passing through them
Question 5 : in [parallel ckt all components must be
Option-1 :have the same p.d across them
Option-2 :have same value
Option-3 :carry equal currents
Option-4 :none
Question 6 : The EMF of a given cell is
Option-1 :distributive
Option-2 :variable
Option-3 :constant
Option-4 :less than terminal p.d
Question 7 : parralel grouping of cells yields maximum current when external resistance
Option-1 :equals internal resistance
Option-2 :greater than internal resistance of cell
Option-3 :equals internal resistance of the cell
Option-4 :is less than internal resistance of the cell
Question 8 : the main purpose of connecting a a low resistance shunt across a galvanometer is to
Option-1 :reduce its resistance
Option-2 :increase its current range
Option-3 :increase voltage range
Option-4 :decrease loading effect
Question 9 : A simple pottentiometer is correctlty called as
Option-1 :current divider
Option-2 :voltage stabiliser
Option-3 :variable resistor
Option-4 :voltage divider
Question 10 : Kirchoffs law is connected with
Option-1 :IR drops
Option-2 :battery EMF
Option-3 :junction voltages
Option-4 :both a and b
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