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Question 1 : Compiler is a software programe for
Option-1 :changing high level programming language into low level language acceptable by the machine
Option-2 :compile the programm into analog digital form
Option-3 :compile the instruction in a register
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 2 : Direct- memory access chanel facilitates data in moving in/out of systerm
Option-1 :without subroutine
Option-2 :without programe intervention
Option-3 :with equal time delay
Option-4 :on first come first serve basic
Question 3 : DRAM is best described by what statement?
Option-1 :DRAM does not need refresh
Option-2 :Continuously needs refresh
Option-3 :DRAM is faster than SRAM
Option-4 :DRAM is faster than WRAM
Question 4 : Function(s) of a microprocessor unit is/are to
Option-1 :execute the instructions
Option-2 :discriminate the instructions
Option-3 :fetch the instructions and data from memory
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 5 : Which of the following does not represent peripheral data storage device?
Option-1 :punch tape
Option-2 :magenatic tape
Option-3 :magnetic card
Option-4 :magnetic drum
Question 6 : which of the following is characteristics of an operating system?
Option-1 :resource management
Option-2 :Error recovery
Option-3 :Memory menagement
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 7 : Which provides the quickest access to data?
Option-1 :ROM
Option-2 :IDE
Option-3 :SCSI
Option-4 :RAM
Question 8 : Which type of memory would not be considered to be volatile memory?
Option-1 :SRAM
Option-2 :DRAM
Option-3 :ROM
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 9 : Which type of RAM is normally the fastest?
Option-1 :DRAM
Option-2 :VRAM
Option-3 :SRAM
Option-4 :WRAM
Question 10 : What does the term " SIMMs" refer to?
Option-1 :Standard RAM used on a computer
Option-2 :Uesed for BIOS memory
Option-3 :RAM used for Virtual memory
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