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Question 1 : Select The devices below that would use DMA
Option-1 :Tape Drive
Option-2 :Flopy Drive
Option-3 :Sound Card
Option-4 :All the above
Question 2 : Most manufactures setup their BIOS to load into what area of memory during the boot process.
Option-1 :Conventional memory
Option-2 :First 640k of memory
Option-3 :Upper Memory
Option-4 :Extended Memory
Question 3 : During boot-up, the memory test:
Option-1 :Checks and verifies that contiguous memory is installed
Option-2 :Displays what memory is installed, but nothing else
Option-3 :Is an operatinal error
Option-4 :Is a superfluous step that should be ignored
Question 4 : During the Boot process, a system first counts memory from where?
Option-1 :Expansion memory board
Option-2 :Cache
Option-3 :System board
Option-4 :Video adapter
Question 5 : The following process determines the amount of memory present, the date/time, and which communications ports and display adapters are installed in a microcomputer?
Option-1 :Power on self test
Option-2 :start-up utility test
Option-3 :Power up boot process
Option-4 :Power on start up process
Question 6 : In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:
Option-1 :Basis input output system
Option-2 :Basis Industry Operating system
Option-3 :Basis intutitive output set
Option-4 :Basis input organizational system
Question 7 : If you get frequent general protection faults, this could indicate:
Option-1 :A hard drive cable connected incorrectly
Option-2 :Too much RAM is installed
Option-3 :Poor quality of memory chips
Option-4 :All of the above
Question 8 : POST stands for:
Option-1 :Positive operating system test
Option-2 :particle of static transfer
Option-3 :Power on self test
Option-4 :Printer online static test
Question 9 : The POST is performed by
Option-1 :The Rom Bios Chip
Option-2 :The Basis Rom Chip
Option-3 :The disk operating system
Option-4 :The RAM Chip
Question 10 : ................ error code identifies a floppy drive problem
Option-1 :301
Option-2 :401
Option-3 :501
Option-4 :601
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