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Question 1 : Non-sinsusoidal wavefroms
Option-1 :are departures from sine waveform
Option-2 :have low mark-to-space ratio
Option-3 :are much easier to generate
Option-4 :are unfit for digital operation
Question 2 : A relaxation oscillator is one which
Option-1 :has two stable states
Option-2 :relaxes indefinitely
Option-3 :produces non-sinusoidal output
Option-4 :oscillates continuously
Question 3 : A BMV circuit
Option-1 :has two unstable states
Option-2 :has one energy-storage element
Option-3 :switches between its two states automatically
Option-4 :is not an oscillator
Question 4 : An MMV frequently used
Option-1 :in memory and timiing circuits
Option-2 :for producing triangular waves
Option-3 :in counting circuits
Option-4 :for regeneration of distorted waves
Question 5 : A BMV is a _________oscillator.
Option-1 :triggered
Option-2 :free-running
Option-3 :sine-wave
Option-4 :sawtooth
Question 6 : For NAND - gate SR flip-flop , the 'not allowed' condition is
Option-1 :S=0, R=0
Option-2 :S=1, R=1
Option-3 :S=0, R=1
Option-4 :S=1, R=0
Question 7 : For NOR- gate SR flip-flop, the 'no change ' condition is
Option-1 :S=O, R=0
Option-2 :S=1, R=0
Option-3 :S=0, R=1
Option-4 :S=1, R=1
Question 8 : A 3-input ANDgate followed by a NOThas its three inputs ; X=ON, Y=OFF and Z=ON. Its output would be
Option-1 :ON
Option-2 :OFF
Option-3 :NOT ON and NOT OFF
Option-4 :Ai
Question 9 : A 3-input logic gate has its three inputs :X=O, Y=1 and Z=1. If its output W=1,the gate would be
Option-1 :AND
Option-2 :NOR
Option-3 :NOT
Option-4 :OR
Question 10 : A NAND gate is called a universal logic element because
Option-1 :it is used by everybody
Option-2 :any logic function can be realized by NANDgates alone
Option-3 :all the minimization techniques are applicable for optimum NANDgate realization
Option-4 :many digital computers use NANDgates
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