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Question 1 : The organisational structure fo a microprocessor is call the
Option-1 :organiser.
Option-2 :architecture.
Option-3 :manager.
Option-4 :none of these.
Question 2 : In an 8 bit micro-computer the fetch cycles require to fetch an 8 byte instructurion will be
Option-1 :2
Option-2 :4
Option-3 :8
Option-4 :depends upon the design of the micro-computer.
Question 3 : In micro-computer, file is a collection of
Option-1 :registers.
Option-2 :maganetic diskettes.
Option-3 :user define control
Option-4 :None
Question 4 : A microprocessor consists of
Option-1 :arithmetic logic unit (ALU).
Option-2 :memories.
Option-3 :input/output divice.
Option-4 :all of the above.
Question 5 : A micro-computer is a small computer and has the follwing basic elements.
Option-1 :Microprocessing unit, memory and input/output divice.
Option-2 :Microprocessing unit, input unit/out divice and control unit.
Option-3 :Microprocessing unit,input/output divice and program counter.
Option-4 :Microprocessing unit, memory, input/output divice and arithimatic logic unit.
Question 6 : In microcomputer,microprocessor is its
Option-1 :brain.
Option-2 :heart.
Option-3 :control unit.
Option-4 :memory.
Question 7 : The physical part or electronic circuritry of a computer sysytem is called the
Option-1 :software.
Option-2 :hardware.
Option-3 :peripheral device.
Option-4 :machine.
Question 8 : The central processing unit of small computer system including ALU and control functions on a single LS chip is known as
Option-1 :microprocessor.
Option-2 :hardware.
Option-3 :teripheral divice.
Option-4 :none.
Question 9 : Compatibility concerns
Option-1 :only harware
Option-2 :only software
Option-3 :only perpheral devices
Option-4 :both harware and software.
Question 10 : the processing of causing an unplanned branching operation to occur , usually intiated by external system is called
Option-1 :masking
Option-2 :interrupt
Option-3 :iteration
Option-4 :debugging.
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