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Question 1 : The ESD wrist desighend to prtect PC componets or service tenchinicans?
Option-1 :PC componetns
Option-2 :service technician
Option-3 :both
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 2 : which FRU REQUIRES an anti- static bag for transport ?
Option-1 :Monitoro
Option-2 :I/O controller
Option-3 :power supply
Option-4 :floppy disks
Question 3 : what is the best ground for a conductive workbench
Option-1 :AC outlet
Option-2 :to another device
Option-3 :chassis ground
Option-4 :ground to bench
Question 4 : ESD is most likely to cause failuers on which of the following componets?
Option-1 :power supply
Option-2 :hard drive
Option-3 :CD- ROM
Option-4 :RAM module
Question 5 : what is the better ground source?
Option-1 :workbench ground
Option-2 :computer chassis
Option-3 :electrical outlet ground
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 6 : On a wall otlet, which side is neutral?
Option-1 :The shorter slot
Option-2 :The longer slot
Option-3 :Both sides
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 7 : The smaller prong on an AC plug is the phase side.
Option-1 :true
Option-2 :flase
Option-3 :both a&b
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 8 : Which of the below conectors are normally used as serial ports on PC's?
Option-1 :male DB9,male DB15
Option-2 :male DB,male DB25
Option-3 :female DB5
Option-4 :female DB15
Question 9 : What's the best way to prevent damaging your PC with static electricity?
Option-1 :Wear a wrist strap
Option-2 :Place your PC on a rubber mat
Option-3 :Connect your wrist strap to an AC outlet ground
Option-4 :Wear a large overcoat
Question 10 : Standard I/O for hard disk controller:
Option-1 :1F0h
Option-2 :3F8h
Option-3 :2F8h
Option-4 :3E8h
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