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Question 1 : Which optical phenomenon is utilized in the operation of the latest write-once optical storagemedium called digital paper?
Option-1 :Polarisation
Option-2 :Interference
Option-3 :internal reflection
Option-4 :Diffraction
Question 2 : What is the name of the storage device which is used to compensate for the difference in rates of flow of data from one device to another?
Option-1 :Cache
Option-2 :Concentrator
Option-3 :Buffer
Option-4 :I/O device
Question 3 : Bytes can be combined to form 'words' of memory which may contain 16,24,32 or 64 bits that a computer is designed to transfer and manipulate as a unit.How many different values can, a 32-bit word encode?
Option-1 :64,356
Option-2 :128,564
Option-3 :over 4 billion
Option-4 :either (B) or (C)
Question 4 : What is the name given to the 8-bit unit used for coding data?
Option-1 :Block of characters
Option-2 :Byte
Option-3 :Word
Option-4 :K
Question 5 : What is the highest address possible if 16 bits are used for each address?
Option-1 :65536
Option-2 :12868
Option-3 :16556
Option-4 :643897
Question 6 : As compared to a magnetic tape, the main advantage of magnetic disk is its
Option-1 :rigidity
Option-2 :direct access
Option-3 :low cost
Option-4 :high packing density
Question 7 : A single binary integer consists of '1' or a '0' and is called a 'bit'. How many bits taken together to form a byte?
Option-1 :8
Option-2 :4
Option-3 :16
Option-4 :2
Question 8 : A code used for standardizing the storage and transfer of information amongst various computing devices is called
Option-1 :CRT
Option-2 :CPU
Option-3 :ASCII
Option-4 :Dvorak
Question 9 : How many alphanumeric characters are there in BLT 1987?
Option-1 :10
Option-2 :63
Option-3 :14
Option-4 :7
Question 10 : A logic is an electronic circuit which
Option-1 :makes logic decision
Option-2 :allows electron flow only in one direction
Option-3 :works on binary algebra
Option-4 :works on float numbers
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