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Concepts of Computers
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Question 1 : Mail Merge is a feature of
Option-1 :MS-Excel
Option-2 :MS-Word
Option-3 :MS-Power Point
Option-4 :INTERNET
Question 2 : The main circuit board of a computer is
Option-1 :Dual board.
Option-2 :Inline board.
Option-3 :Father board.
Option-4 :Mother board.
Question 3 : F1,F2............. F11,F12 are called
Option-1 :Numerical keys.
Option-2 :Flash keys.
Option-3 :Function keys.
Option-4 :Funny keys.
Question 4 : The rectangular bar at the bottom of Desktop is
Option-1 :Status bar.
Option-2 :Menu bar.
Option-3 :Schedule bar.
Option-4 :Task bar.
Question 5 : BIOS stands for
Option-1 :Basic input outside system
Option-2 :Base input output system
Option-3 :Basic Input Output System
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 6 : The fourth Generation Computer Introduced
Option-1 :Mini Chip.
Option-2 :Micro Chip.
Option-3 :LSI chip.
Option-4 :Integrated circuit.
Question 7 : Magnetic Media Devices
Option-1 :Floppy Disk
Option-2 :Compact Disk
Option-3 :Hard Disk
Option-4 :All of the above
Question 8 : URL stands for
Option-1 :Uniform resource locator.
Option-2 :Universal Resource linking.
Option-3 :Universal Resource Locator.
Option-4 :None of the above.
Question 9 : Total No. of cells in MS Excel is
Option-1 :65356 x 256.
Option-2 :65536 x 256.
Option-3 :63356 x 265
Option-4 :65536 x 266
Question 10 : What is the extension of Excel files ?
Option-1 :.XL
Option-2 :.SXL
Option-3 :.XLC
Option-4 :.XLS
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