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Computer Hardware
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Question 1 : RAM Stands for
Option-1 :Real Access Machine
Option-2 :Random Access Memory.
Option-3 :Random Active Memory.
Option-4 :None of the above.
Question 2 : BIOS stand for
Option-1 :Before instruction of series
Option-2 :Bios input Operating System.
Option-3 :Basic Input Output System
Option-4 :None of the above.
Question 3 : Before opening the computer we have ground ourself
Option-1 :True
Option-2 :False
Question 4 : To boot from CDROM drive we have to change the boot sequence from bios.
Option-1 :True
Option-2 :False
Question 5 : Red mark in the flat ribbon cable indicate Pin No
Option-1 :1
Option-2 :2
Option-3 :3
Option-4 :4
Question 6 : Floppy disk is a primary memory.
Option-1 :True
Option-2 :False
Question 7 : Hard drive uses laser instead of head to read/write data.
Option-1 :True
Option-2 :False
Question 8 : CDROM stands for
Option-1 :Compact Disk Read Only Memory
Option-2 :Card Disk Read Only Memory
Option-3 :None of above.
Question 9 : VGA stands for
Option-1 :Visual Graphic Adapter.
Option-2 :Video Graphic Adapter.
Option-3 :Video Geometric Adapter.
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 10 : The output of SMPS is
Option-1 :AC
Option-2 :DC
Option-3 :CC
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