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Question 1 : a "Do not Disturbe" notice is hanging on the door, do you?
Option-1 :knock and enquire whenis hangingon the door,do you?
Option-2 :advise your supervisore to knock on the door
Option-3 :come bak later
Option-4 :ring the room to enquire if the guest is really in
Question 2 : you should report to your supervisor if the "Do not Disturbe" notice is still displayed after
Option-1 :9:00am
Option-2 :10:00am
Option-3 :11:00am
Option-4 :12:00am
Question 3 : in vacuming a guest bedroom , you should should commence at the
Option-1 :door
Option-2 :bottom left corner
Option-3 :centre
Option-4 :farthest end from the door
Question 4 : bath room cleaning is normally completed after
Option-1 :entry and before bedmaking
Option-2 :bedmaking before dusting
Option-3 :dusting and before bedmaking
Option-4 :entry and before checking
Question 5 : toilet cleaners should not be used with any other cleaning agents because it
Option-1 : could result in poisonious fumes
Option-2 :destroyes the cleaning of the cleaning agents
Option-3 :adds to the cost of cleaning
Option-4 :could result in damage
Question 6 : the reason why aseperate cloth should be used for toilet cleaning because of
Option-1 :appearance
Option-2 :economy
Option-3 :hygiene
Option-4 :efficiency
Question 7 : guiest supplies are replinished in occupied rooms
Option-1 :daily
Option-2 :every second day
Option-3 :when required
Option-4 :on request
Question 8 : the procedure for serving an occupied room is similar to that of a room which is
Option-1 :vacent
Option-2 :out of order
Option-3 :a checkout
Option-4 :a room change
Question 9 : in an occupied bed room,old newspapersare disposed of
Option-1 :daily
Option-2 :if in the wast bin
Option-3 :if two days old
Option-4 :if on the floor
Question 10 : drawers should not be opened and cleaned in a
Option-1 :vacant room
Option-2 :check out room
Option-3 :occupied room
Option-4 :room transfer
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