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Question 1 : cbefore closing down the restaurant you should:
Option-1 :turn on all electrical equipment
Option-2 : make sure the cash register is locked to keep the money safe
Option-3 :make sure all gas appliances are switched off as appropriate
Option-4 :mske sure the ground level windows are open to ventilate the restaurant.
Question 2 : why should staff be trained in basic first aid?
Option-1 :to attract customers
Option-2 :to be capable of giving an injection
Option-3 :to have an added qualification
Option-4 : to be prepared for accidents and emergencies
Question 3 : in cases of injury by electric shock you should:
Option-1 :never touch the casualty withbare hands
Option-2 :incline the head back
Option-3 :remove any jewelley or clothing
Option-4 :use adhersive dressings or plasters
Question 4 : if a person is in shock you should:
Option-1 :give the casualty a hot water bottle
Option-2 :keep them moving as much as possible
Option-3 :not give the casualty anything to eat or drink
Option-4 : give the casualty a cigarette
Question 5 : on receipt of a complaint you should:
Option-1 :listen but ignore the complaint if it is not serious
Option-2 :refer the matter to your supervisor
Option-3 :rectify as much as possible and then refer to your supervisor
Option-4 :male a note of it and repeat to your supervisor at the end of service
Question 6 : complaints are ;
Option-1 :threats to your business
Option-2 :made by difficult customers
Option-3 :some other person's problem
Option-4 : sales opporunities
Question 7 : A buffet is :
Option-1 :served by the waiter to the guest at the table
Option-2 :only served in the evening time
Option-3 :a collection of cold meals
Option-4 :where guests choose food from a selection of foods which are on display
Question 8 : which of these is the odd one out?
Option-1 :a hand buffet
Option-2 :knife and fork buffet
Option-3 :a finger buffet
Option-4 :a fork buffet
Question 9 : which of the following is best suited to serving large numbers of guests quickly?
Option-1 :silver service
Option-2 :family service
Option-3 :buffet service
Option-4 :plate service
Question 10 : which of the following is not a recognised style of buffet?
Option-1 :chopsticks
Option-2 :fork
Option-3 :finger
Option-4 :knife and fork
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