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Question 1 : every contact a receptionist has with the customer provides an opportunity which is known as
Option-1 : a chat time
Option-2 :a sales opportunity
Option-3 :a good talk
Option-4 :a chance to know the guest
Question 2 : a chance guest must-
Option-1 :pay for hotel room at check in by the way of advance deposit
Option-2 :charge the bill to an account
Option-3 :identify themselves
Option-4 :hand in references
Question 3 : room allocation means
Option-1 :having enough rooms
Option-2 :room status
Option-3 :securing a vacant ready room for the guest to occupy
Option-4 :room diary
Question 4 : at check in a guest is requested to complete
Option-1 :a questionaire
Option-2 :a reservation form
Option-3 :a registeration form
Option-4 :a booking form
Question 5 : a guest folio is
Option-1 :a guest bill
Option-2 :a guest report
Option-3 :a guest resume
Option-4 :a guest history
Question 6 : procedures for group arrivals have to be planned in advance because
Option-1 :the guest are identified by numbers
Option-2 :arrival of large groups at the same time mean there is pressure on the reception staff
Option-3 :they pay a special discounted price
Option-4 :they are known to each other
Question 7 : a created sales mean
Option-1 :a slae made by telephone
Option-2 :a sale that the guest did not request but will accept
Option-3 :selling up
Option-4 :when the customer knows clearly what he requires
Question 8 : first impression are important because
Option-1 :we may not meet a guest for a second time
Option-2 :we donot unconsciously make snap judgement about anything
Option-3 :we unconsciously make some form of impression as soon as we meet
Option-4 :they are not always reliable
Question 9 : VIP status could be given to guests because-
Option-1 :every hotel neeeds to have VIP's
Option-2 :all the guest should be treated the same
Option-3 :because they have to go through special check in procedures
Option-4 :there are occasssion when the guest are singled out for special attention because of their social status
Question 10 : unique sales point in sales techniques means
Option-1 :staff atttitudes of sales
Option-2 :special sales staff
Option-3 :facility or capability which occurs only in the particular hotel
Option-4 :sales statitics
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